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Innovation Boosters for the Defence Industry

Argenta worked with a multi-national defence contractor over a period of 10+ years, supporting the building of internal innovation capabilities through the Innovation Agent programme. We were also asked to intervene in a number of situations where traditional design review processes had failed to progress a specific project forward at the required rate, leading to delays, missed delivery targets and potential financial & reputational penalties.

In just one example, a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, researchers & business development representatives was assembled for a 2-day Innovation Booster. Argenta designed & facilitated the workshop focusing on Creative Problem Solving approaches in order to dissolve stuck thinking & identify a number of different potential solutions.

Fail fast action prototypes were agreed & launched to get the project back on track, resulting in the project resolving its issues and delivering on time to the customer.

ROI for the booster was estimated at

If you are working on your own you’ll understand that your organisation needs fresh thinking and a widespread can-do attitude.

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Argenta’s Innovation Boosters build focussed, creative skills in nurturing bright ideas and carrying them through to effective action.

No single innovation process works for everyone.  We draw from a range of approaches to match your needs, and we work to help you become self-reliant quickly.