BUDAPEST, HUNGARY - JULY 26, 2014: Yellow helicopter Eurocopter AS-355N Ecureuil 2 in the sky above the Hungaroring Formula One Race Track.

As part of the European FP7 project SME-Aero Power, Argenta designed and delivered the ‘Eurocopter Business Innovation Ecosystem’.

The focus of this project was to encourage the formation of groups of SMEs which:

  • uncover opportunities for business innovation meeting Eurocopter’s objective, and
  • jointly develop projects to realise these opportunities and bring them to market

Working with Eurocopter and French industry association Pacte PME, a large number of companies were invited to attend a project info day (80+ companies attended, 40% with no aerospace experience). These companies were then invited to submit ideas around the theme ‘environment’ for products or services that would complement Eurocopter’s core offer.


19 of these SME’s reconvened after the selection process to attend a 2-day Open Innovation workshop facilitated by Argenta where a number of OI techniques were used to develop the initial ideas and coalesce collaborations around combined ideas.

Anecdote circles

The SMEs grouped around 4 main themes:

  • Eco-environment: low pollution, low nuisance heli-ports
  • Eco-projection: eco-friendly, rapid-build, transportable heli-station
  • Heli-loop Recycling: end of life-cycle disposal/recycling of helicopters
  • Security: real-time sensor nets with modelling & analysis software

Within the workshop these ideas were further developed and presented to Eurocopter – receiving resource support and encouragement to more towards commercialisation.

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