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Energy Supply Chains - enabling an Innovate UK competition to move from feasibility studies to high-potential collaborations

Argenta won the ‘Invitation to Tender’ to deliver a 2-day workshop for Innovate UK to combine the learning & capabilities from a number of Feasibility Studies in the field of Integrated Energy Systems into larger, collaborative R&D projects developing demonstrators at TRL5-6.

Target outcome required by Innovate UK – 2 or 3 36-month collaborative R&D projects each funded at c£5-6m.

The workshop focussed on supporting the scaling up of ideas, finding and working with new partners, and uncovering complementary ideas to be combined into the larger scale projects.

Through a process of co-creation with Innovate UK and the KTN, Argenta designed and delivered the workshop with a focus on supporting mutual trust and building collaborations.

Workshop outcome:

  • Out of 17 feasibility studies asked to consider applying to CR&D stage, 15 projects were involved in submissions
  • 8 out of 10 applications involved a combination of applicants from the 17 original feasibility studies
  • 2 of these 8 brought together more than 2 feasibility studies
  • 8 out of 10 applications passed the IUK quality and VFM criteria and were invited through to interview stage (IUK lead technologist said he was “astounded by the quality of the applications”)
  • 3 projects were finally offered funding of c£5m per project (2 were a combination of 2 feasibility studies, 3rd was a consortium of 4 feasibility study partners)

Some participant comments:

“The combination of a bit of learning, a bit of exploring and a bit of networking is useful in order to explore new collaborations … is liberating going too far? The techniques acted as a lubricant / oil to help us not do things so traditionally”

Very helpful facilitation concept and diversity of method”